Native Icon
Bronze Edition 3 of 30 
Size: 14’’ x 14’’ x 2’’
Weight: 18 LBS 
Completion Date: 2012

An image of a great Native Chief wearing a war bonnet. The head band consist of a geometric design found in my tribe. The spear heads represent strength in life, with the ‘’trail’’ representing our path. Eagle feathers indicate ones achievements in life. The original is carved from Carrara Marble. A ‘mold’ was used to cast the Bronze using the lost wax technique and is inspired by ‘Bah’ Relief form. There are 30 in the edition where it can be hung from the wall like a painting or mounted on a base.

Bronze Editions are created through the ‘Lost-Wax’ process. A mold was pulled from the original stone sculpture and sent to a foundry. Wax is tooled and worked to ensure detail before ceramic shell is applied. After casting, the bronze fabrication process is started. After chasing, a patina was chosen to compliment the bronze and finish the process.