Texas Limestone w/ Black Walnut
42”x 14” x 11”
Weight: 120 LBS
Completion Date: 2018
Cheii (grandfather) was created in the recognition of principled men. Individuals that I have encountered throughout my life. They have been family members, friends, artist, mentors, leaders and even strangers. Individuals whom positively influenced and nurtured my creative spirit. These interactions have reinforced my creative path with their hardened insight and wisdom in life. At times it has put a challenging cost on facets within my personal life. This has inspired me to pursue a limitless expression filled with sacrifice in an unforgiving medium. I consciously pursue this endeavor with great admiration and desire to excel. This absolution and influence for my art is non negotiable. My earned principles won’t allow any compromise in my pursuit of true artistry. At times it is a solitary pursuit that equates to priceless hours within a studio. As an artist, I evolved from these teachings to express challenging times.